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When Is Sports Betting Legal in Louisiana

Now that sports betting has been legalized in Louisiana, there are some important rules and regulations that sports weather should be aware of. Here`s what we know so far: Sports available – You can use the different types of bets to legally bet on these sports: John Bel Edwards signs SB 247, the state laws governing sports betting, fulfilling the wishes of the 55 municipalities that have approved legal sports betting. [SB247, June 21] Louisians can expect a reliable and clean platform with some of the best lines in a variety of sports. BetMGM`s ongoing bonuses and competitions are sure to be a sensation, especially with actor Jamie Foxx acting as a brand ambassador. Since the adoption of the Law on the Protection of Professional and Amateur Sport (PASPA) on 14 July. In May 2018, the Supreme Court, which allows each state to enact its own laws and regulations for sports betting, Louisiana lawmakers were busy legalizing sports betting in the state of Pelican. Soon (hopefully early 2022 next year), we`ll see more options for online sports betting and betting sites in Louisiana. Once that happens, we have expert reviews of the best sports betting sites in Los Angeles to help you bet online on sports in Louisiana. Louisiana is now home to legalized sports betting in all its forms. Previously only available in retail stores, mobile sports betting officially went live in Pelican State on January 28, 2022. Louisiana will allow any casino in the state to hold two online sports betting skins, and since the state`s lottery also gets an online license, up to 41 online sports bets could be active in the Bayou state.

It`s hard to imagine FOX Bet not getting any of these licenses, but we`ll keep you updated on the latest information. Now that Louisiana has launched online sports betting, it will be available in 56 of the state`s 64 municipalities that approved sports betting in a referendum in 2020. That means it`s not available in every corner of Louisiana, but most communities have it in operation. Sports betting has its own language and terminology – spreads and money lines, over/under and accessories, juice and vig and much more. This can be intimidating for new betting fans, so check out our sports betting glossary for detailed definitions of all the important terms. You won`t miss anything either, as every sports betting option is ported to the mobile version, so iPhones, iPads, and Android devices can be used to bet on sports from anywhere in the state. But it`s not that simple. Voters in each municipality (think counties) could decide whether or not to bring sports betting to their specific communities. All other states that voted to legalize sports betting did so through a national referendum, not broken down by county. For more information on bonus offers and sports betting promotions, SportsHandle has put together this helpful page that explains how the most common bonus offers work.

Don`t forget to read the terms and conditions before making your first deposit or placing a promotional bet. Each bookmaker has its own rules and requirements. Let`s go over the specific promotions in a little more detail: As briefly mentioned above, the Louisiana Lottery also has a license and can work with a sports bookmaker. Lottery operators in other states have partnered with sports betting, but most have not been responsible for running up to 1,000 sports betting kiosks set up in bars and restaurants. Louisiana is once again leading the way. Likely due to the popularity of existing video poker machines across the state, Louisiana has allowed sports betting kiosks in bars and restaurants serving alcohol. The vote was overwhelmingly approved in 56 of the 64 municipalities, meaning bettors can bet on sports in these areas. Sports betting, in particular, received more support from voters than Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in a similar referendum passed in 2018 in 47 municipalities. The acceptance of a sports betting bonus is entirely the responsibility of the member. This is not a requirement for membership, so read the terms. Promotions vary from site to site, but usually offer to double a percentage of your deposit and can range from 25% to 100%. Taking advantage of lucrative first deposit bonuses is a good reason to sign up for an online bookmaker, even if you plan to place most of your bets in person at a casino.

BetMGM makes searching for major sports and markets easy in its navigation, and the back and forth with filling up your betting slip is intuitive and convenient. They are known for their ongoing promotions and daily boosters. Home to 4.6 million people and two major league sports teams in the NFL`s New Orleans Saints and NBA`s New Orleans Pelicans, Louisiana is one of the largest states in the South to legalize online sports betting and mobile sports betting. House Bill 697 set tax rates for retail and mobile sports betting. Mobile sports betting is taxed at 18%, while retail sports betting is taxed at 10% on its profits. This is a fairly low rate compared to states like New York, which have just set a tax rate of 51% for sports betting operators. These tax revenues are used for a variety of government purposes. Here`s a breakdown of tax revenue usage: Residents can also take advantage of the fact that Lousiana is one of several U.S. states that allow sports betting via online sports betting operated from a jurisdiction outside the country. Offshore sports betting is not banned in Louisiana, so sports fans in the state have a legitimate online and mobile betting option.

Visit this page to find out when sports betting starts and get exclusive access to the best sports betting bonuses in Louisiana. Louisiana is home to some of the world`s most famous sports teams and athletes. The table below shows the eight municipalities where sports betting is currently not allowed, their population and the percentage of voters who voted “yes” to sports betting. Legal sports betting (retail and mobile) brought Louisiana $1.4 million in tax revenue in June. Every bookmaker you play at uses geolocation software to make sure you`re within an allowed range to use their app. As mentioned earlier, 55 of the 64 municipalities voted to legalize sports betting in 2020. Nine rural communities in the northern part of the state voted against legalization. These communities include: The New Orleans Pelicans have a complicated history, as they were founded in 2002 when the Charlotte Hornets moved to Louisiana. These Louisiana Super Bowl sports bets offer NCAA basketball odds and accessory bets for the year-round major tournament to 18 or more online players. The Ragin` Cajuns men`s basketball team has won the Sun Belt three times, most recently in 2018, and has played in 10 NCAA Tournaments, most recently in 2014. Their last tournament win was in 1992, when they toppled No. 4 seed Oklahoma in the first round.

HB697 describes tax rates and licensing requirements for e-betting providers. The bill was signed into law by the governor to bring offshore revenue back to the state. Mobile sports betting apps debuted in Louisiana on January 28, 2022. It is clear that Caesar`s Louisiana spent a lot of time and money on their great appearance in the Bayou State. Sports bettors in the state can expect great customer service, fantastic promotions, and a beautiful mobile app from Caesars. They also offer a generous $1,500 risk-free betting bonus for new Louisiana sports bettors who sign up for their bookmaker. Find the latest Caesars Sportsbook coupon code, updated monthly on It is now perfectly legal to bet on sports in Louisiana, thanks to recent changes in legislation.