The first step to assisting us in your new home search is to find out how much home you can afford. By supplying us necessary information, we can enlist the services of various mortgage companies to perform free preliminary results on a loan amount they will approve.

You can use the mortgage company of your choice for financing of your new home. We have access to and work with several different mortgage companies and can recommend one to you according to their specialty pertaining to your special credit requirements. However, for pre-qualifying, whomever performs this preliminary service does not matter. Finding out your credit status is merely a first step to searching for the best home based on the results.

By collecting this information, we can deal with “specifics” instead of trying to “ballpark” income and debt. For your information, for every $90 – $92 in debt payments you make, your qualification can be affected by $10,000!

Now, you can see why knowing that you pay $60 on your VISA card and not $100 (ballpark) is important, because you’ve just qualified for $5,000 more!

Please know that this information will not be used in any manner other than that stated. Pre-qualifying is a standard procedure when beginning to work with any realty company when you are purchasing a home.

Leanne Crist – Mortgage Loan Officer with Mortgage Network