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12-Hours California Law and Ethics Course

In addition to the course objectives listed above, this course addresses the following content areas related to law and professional ethics: This learning material meets the 12-hour pre-license requirement for California law and professional ethics. Aimed at mental health professionals, this course explores the laws and regulations regarding the practices of professional clinical counselling, marriage and family therapy, educational psychology, and clinical social work. The first part of this course, California Law and Ethics, provides an overview of California laws and professional ethics with expanded sections on competence and burnout. The second part focuses on legal and ethical issues in the treatment of victims of domestic violence. Part III provides a comprehensive overview of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Liability Act (HIPAA), a key issue for providers seeking third-party reimbursement. As part of the general discussion on competencies, Part IV of this learning material discusses the delivery of telemedicine, which has experienced unexpected and exponential growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020. Part V provides another lens through which ethical issues can be examined using the framework of medical errors and root cause analysis. You will receive a certificate of completion after passing the exam, completing the course evaluation and acquiring the appropriate number of units. The certificate of completion is then available on your myCourses page in the Your Course History section under the “Aspira course I passed” tab. In the “Certificate” column, there is a “Download” button that you can click to access your certificate once all the requirements listed above are met. Click on a status below to see the occupations for which this course is approved. Legal and ethical requirements vary from state to state. 12 hours of California law and ethics.

The number of CEU units that can be obtained from an online source varies from state to state. It is important to know the requirements of your State Council and the number of CE units that can be obtained from online CE providers such as Vista Continuing Education. 3. Download our complete step-by-step guide to taking the 12-hour California Law and Ethics course. We offer a 12-hour BBS course on California law and ethics, approved by the state. This ethics course is designed to meet the approval requirements of the Behavioural Science Council. Learn to master the practice of ethics while maximizing your potential. Twelve-credit California Law and Ethics Course. Nicole Hiltibran, MA LMFT has been working in practice for over 20 years (more information on Nicole Hiltibran`s credentials can be found on our Directors page). She has authored and compiled the information in this course from materials prepared by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention of the CA Department of Social Services, the Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Heidi Dalzell, Psy.D. is a psychologist in private practice, specializing in eating disorders as well as dual addictions, trauma, domestic violence and depression. She conducts individual and couple therapies with adolescent and adult clients. In addition to numerous mental health courses, she frequently blogs and writes newspaper articles on mental health-related topics. Teresa Crowe, PhD, LICSW is a licensed clinical social worker in the District of Columbia and Maryland. She is a Professor of Social Work at Gallaudet University and teaches practice, theory and research in the MSW program. Her recent research focuses on deaf and hard of hearing populations, particularly in the areas of behavioral health, intimate partner violence, telemental health, well-being, and seeking help. Claudia Dewane, D.Ed., LCSW is a retired Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, Temple University, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She holds a Ph.D.

in Adult Education and Health Psychology from Penn State University and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. She holds a Certificate in Advanced Clinical Supervision from smith College School of Social Work. She is the founder of Clinical Support Associates, which supervises, advises and trains professional social workers. She has given numerous workshops on clinical, regulatory and ethical issues in social work. She worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for several years in clinical, regulatory and policy roles. She currently works as a therapist and clinical supervisor. The Board of Behavioral Sciences in California requires applicants to complete a 12-hour (credit) CEU continuing education course in order to opt for admission. The State of California requires professional counselors and social workers to meet this requirement by taking an online COURSE on CEUs to understand the current laws and rules of the state licensing committee.